Now more than ever, companies are looking for ways to set their corporate identity and products apart from the competition. In many cases it becomes apparent that a proprietary typeface could be the solution to the problem. Customers come to Parachute to request our expertise on this matter. Our prior experience in publishing and advertising combined with our font technology expertise, enables Parachute to provide solutions and make typography work for you. Our custom services clientelle includes multinational companies such as Financial Times, Ikea, Vodafone, Nestle and National Geographic. We offer free consulting and we can assist you in your typographic direction. The range of our work includes:

 Original typeface design  


 Modifications and fine-tuning of existing fonts  


 Development of additional styles

  Font format conversion

  OpenType programming - Hinting  


 Development of symbol fonts - Design or refinement of publication logos  


 Multiple-platform font support


 Additional language support for existing fonts (Greek, Cyrillic, Arabic, Indic)


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